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Affordable and ROI focused Social Media Advertising

Increase Traffic, Leads, Conversions, and Sales from Social Media Advertising. Brandets has a team of the Best Social Media Buyers in the United States that has handled over $1M/month in Advertising Budgets for a variety of Enterprise Level Clients. Whether you are looking for Branding, Increased Visitors, Engagement, Conversions, and/or Sales; Brandets knows all the latest trends in 2020 to optimize Social Media ad operations to enhance Ad Relevance and provide Low Cost Advertising. We operate across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Reddit, and more!

Social Media Channels

We provide Social Ad Operations across all Social Media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Reddit, and more! We develop and implementing paid social ad strategies to increase audience reach and deliver engaged consumer actions at a relatively low cost through experienced Social Ad Optimization techniques. Our social advertising costs perform at the cheapest and most targeted form of advertising available to increase engagement.

Ad Content Creation

At Brandets, we are expert ad content creators and story tellers! We create story-driven copy via contextual, graphic, video, and even virtual reality based content. We create relative and quality ad copy via analyzing social insights and consumer engagement trends. If you have your own creative team; Brandets can use your ad assets and run the advertising campaigns. We constantly run multiple split tests and ad copies to optimize best quality and most relevant ads with high engagement at the lowest cost.

Engaged Audience Extension

We have developed social media strategies along with integrating analyzed data to drive both awareness and event engagement, whether you are looking to scale your audience or increase conversions or sales. Using 1st and 3rd party data to extend your custom audience using optimized audience targeting strategies for engaged users. We look at all metrics to optimize which advertising campaigns are performing best, as well as other areas of traffic visualization funnels to optimize user engagement.

Social Insights and Strategy

We use paid social advertising channels to deliver measurable results and return on investment at the lowest cost possible for our clients. Using data to optimize campaign sets constantly and increase ad copy relevancy scores to increase scale while decreasing advertising costs. Insights and analytics refine our expertise while we optimize your campaigns on a daily basis while pacing respectively. We leverage granular data and insights to constantly segment and drive return on investment.

User and Influencer Engagement

We establish authentic media driven stories in our ad content to drive awareness, loyalty, and engagement from both users and influencers. Stay ahead of competition with up to date competitor analysis and constant optimization techniques to stay in front of engaged users while cutting out non-ROI advertising costs. Knowing your market and the main leaders in the industry can allow you to leverage social media to scale your audience size exponentially through industry and interest based custom audience extensions.

Insights and Analytics

We monitor tracking activities day to day across the social advertising ecosystems to provide real-time insights that drive marketing campaigns to be as efficient as possible – we use audience insights along with your Key Performance Indicators to optimize targeting settings in real time to exceed your goals. We have over the best Social Media Buying experts and Programmatic Advertising Gurus available. Save yourself the headache of hiring internally or sourcing out of the United States. Social media advertising is becoming more complex and you need Brandets not only to keep up, but to lead the way.

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We are monitoring and optimizing campaigns on a real time basis every day to ensure low cost and highly relevant and effective social media advertising campaigns.