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Social Media Marketing Tips to Avoid Wasting Time

July 4, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Three Ways to Save Time in Social Media

The world of online marketing today has grown exponentially. There are several ways in which business owners and companies make their online presence more effective, including email marketing and social media integration.

But while marketers have tried many new ways to integrate their businesses into social media, they don’t quite realize how much time they can waste on it while they are working. Here are three ways in which marketers usually waste time online, and advices on how to turn them into constructive marketing techniques.

Streamline Your News Feed And Be Social:

The first thing you need to do is to decide which posts you want to see in your news feed and which of them need to be taken out. Having too many posts or tweets on your screen can lead to a lot of distraction while trying to work.

While you are going through your news feed, don’t just leave the website without a trace. You, as a marketer, should like posts of interest, comment on others’ posts and retweet things. This will increase your online presence which in turn will increase your brand’s social media presence.

Automate Your Posts:

One of the three ways in which marketers unknowingly waste their time on social media websites is trying to do everything themselves, in real time. In order to make a simple post on Facebook or tweet something on Twitter, you need to stop whatever you are doing and then think specifically about what you should post that would be constructive to the brand’s image. That process, on average, wastes more than 23 minutes for every post.

What a good marketer should do is automate the posts to social networks. They should make a list of all the posts they want to make throughout a day and then use a service like Hootsuite to take care of that process for them automatically.

Manage Your Social Media Presence:

One of the reasons why brands want to enhance their social media presence today is because many customers prefer to reach customer service through social websites. That is also the reason why marketers leave their Facebook or Twitter tabs open along with their work, which may distract them at times.

Marketers should decide how much time they actually want to give to their online presence. Sometimes it doesn’t make a difference if you check your notifications every one hour or every four, but if keeping a constant presence is important to you then you should hire someone for the job so that you can focus on your own work.

These are three of the most common ways for marketers trying to build their online presence to waste time in social media. There is no denying the fact that a healthy social media integration will be constructive to your business, but these are issues that do need to be considered by every marketer. Once you manage these problems and decide how you want to handle your brand’s online presence, you can be sure to turn your office into a more conducive work environment.

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips And Tricks

Facebook has undergone a bit of an overhaul in terms of ad reach and mobile optimization. There are more than a billion Facebook users at the moment across the globe. The sales from ads have also contributed to more than $3 billion in revenue. Almost 70% of the advertising revenue on Facebook was contributed by the mobile ads in 2014. Considering we’re well into 2015, here are some tips that you can use for your business advertising on Facebook.

1. Rely on the Ads

The ads on Facebook are generally more cost effective and targeting is more efficient. Google’s Adwords, while effective, are generally more expensive. You can also utilize the Facebook ads to reach as many individual audiences as as you can imagine. There is the Power Editor that allows you to customize your marketing campaign and you can also manage your email list easily. The trick here is to test and understand your fan base as much as possible. The more you test your audience, the more you understand them and reach them in the most effective way.

2. Engage with Your Audience with Status Updates

One of the tricks in engaging your audience with your advertising campaign is to use the 40/40/20 rule. This means that you use 40% links to blogs or a site that has quality content. Another 40% of your posts will be photos that have been linked to a target page or site. The remaining 20% should be status updates. For the status updates, you do not need to promote your brand or company, but you should engage with the audience.

3. Engagement is the Key

Unless you engage your audience, you will not be able to achieve what you intend. The ads that you create must be fun, entertaining, friendly and engaging. When you are coming up with an image, ensure that you choose a funny or interesting one. An attractive caption or headline that relates to a recent event or trend will most likely lead to more social shares.

4. Link your Activities

There is a way to create tabs that can be linked to the various sections of your site, including your blog, store, a client testimonials page or a photo gallery. You may be able to click on the date stamp of your post, in order to get a personalized URL that will market Facebook through an e-newsletter. You can also do this via other marketing tools. Using this method will be beneficial if you are hosting a contest that is based on fan interaction or any live event on Facebook like a webinar or a Google Hangouts.

5. Capture Emails

The aim here is to have as many audiences as possible. You must have a strong fan base that will support your campaign. In order to do that, you must try to capture as many email addresses as possible to reach your goal. You can start a conversational campaign and capture more email addresses, which will help to build up your audience even more.

These are the tricks and tips that you can use in 2015 to boost your Facebook marketing campaign. Always remember that your audience is the main foundation of your advertisement, so ensure that they are well entertained.