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New Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends

January 9, 2020, Written by 0 comment

2020 Trends in Social Media Marketing

It wasn’t that long ago that people did the majority of their shopping in physical stores in their community. If you look at the current figures and your own behavior, you will realize that online shopping has taken over. 

The question is how much of these sales will come from social media in the future. Sales that can be tracked to social media have increased 26% in the past year to $3.3 billion and Statista predicts 2015 sales will amount to $30 billion worldwide. 

The use of social media to attract sales is definitely increasing. Social media is answering the frustration of advertisers with the awkward and discouraging purchasing systems that were available earlier. More and more social media sites are building platforms, including buy-buttons and tracking systems that make the buying process easier, resulting in increasing sales. For marketers, having social media also provides the metrics to learn the effectiveness of any campaign that will attract more marketing and advertising investments.

Trend #1: Trending Upward: Reaching Social Media on Mobile Phones

Although access to social media through desktops is keeping its pace, the domination of mobile phone access to social media is fulfilling predictions. Mobile use has quadrupled in the last 4 years with social media networking the primary activity of mobile users. 

Facebook reports that mobile revenues have surpassed desktop sales in a comScore study. 31% of visits to digital properties came from mobile users.

For marketers and advertisers, the challenge is to create attractive yet succinct ads in social media, followed by an easy buying process to keep up the pace with mobile users’ impatience and “hyperactivity”.

Trend #2: Podcasting is Growing

Did you know that 44% of Americans listen to structured on-demand podcasts on services such as Pandora and Spotify? “The Infinite Dial 2015” reports that the podcast audience grew 18% in the last year. Podcasts are mostly about content but include social media by providing contact with broadcasts, as well as encouraging likes and shares.

Although advertising hasn’t taken off in podcasting – 38% are free from brand advertising – a few giants have poked their toes into some programs. The usual advertising is for a program’s presenter talking about a brand with high praise. With reasonable rates, there is an invitation for marketers to use their imagination and creativity to take advantage of the growing podcast audiences.

Trend #3: Facebook Continues to Dominate Over Other Social Media

Facebook has anticipated the trend to mobile and has planned it for years. Their foresight explains their ability to dominate. Need more evidence? Four of the top 10 most downloaded mobile apps are Facebook apps. Two recent acquisitions, one involving video advertising and the other enabling Facebook ads on non-Facebook mobile apps, show their determination to continue extending their reach for targeted audiences.

In the fourth quarter of 2014, Facebook claimed 72% of all ecommerce logins on all social media. Pew Research claims that 70% of their huge audience interacts with Facebook daily.

With Facebook providing the means to target advertisers’ audiences more precisely with users happily sharing their buying history, purchasing intent, demographics and more, advertising on Facebook will continue to get the highest revenue.

The Bottom-line

You run a big risk if you ignore the explosion of mobile use and social media marketing within your business.