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How to dominate YouTube SEO

June 23, 2019, Written by 0 comment

There are a few tips i’ll go into detail here on how to Dominate SEO Rankings on YouTube with their Algorithms.

Initially; Keep Videos Private after uploaded for atleast 24 hours prior to making Public; (can embed in sites during this time tho), this for several reasons within the YouTube algo for new content, as well as, preparing supporting citations to your YouTube Videos/Content before releasing your Videos to the Public.


Title is the main placement for SEO and Keywords… put the best keywords in beginning of title. This is the most important part of Youtube SEO. You want your title to be something what people are searching for. Use Google Keyword Planner and find relevant keywords 500-1000+ monthly search volume to focus video content around. Use alternative phrases for main keyword.  Moderate Keyword reputation still works in Youtube.


This is for mainly the secondary Keywords. The keywords you get here are very important. Find all top keywords and relative keywords (alternative keywords, synonyms, etc) and tag it. Use Google Keyword Planner again to focus on higher volume search queries.


This is very important because this is the second most important Youtube SEO; the more keyword you have in your description the more chances you have ranking to first page at Youtube. The more description you have related to your niche the more chance you have to rank to first page. Always backlink to a relevant internal webpage.  500 Words (small article) best, include main keyword 3 or 4 times… at top, at bottom… always in an articulate manner.

Comment and Thumps Ups, Subscribers

Custom Comments are EASY juice.. because you can increase keyword relevancy with custom comments including main keywords in the beginning.  The more comments and thumps up you have the more chance you have to get your video ranked at page one.

Subscribers that subscribe on your channel page doesn’t help at all with SEO, but when users subscribe on specific videos AFTER watching it; it send a huge signal of relevancy on said video and keywords being ranked against.  Best to get an abundance of relevant comments that include top keyword to better JUICE relevancy on the video.


Views is also very important it affects your Youtube SEO too, if you have high amount of views Youtube will assume your video is trending/popular.  Moderate likes/comments in coordination with early on scaling views.


Thumbnail is for enticing action. This is nothing to do with SEO but if you have attractive thumbnail you can get quite entice engagement.

Promote Videos via Programmatic Video Advertising

Looking into promoting Youtube videos via TubeMogul or other Various Video DSP’s such as 1 by AOL.


Backlinks are very important because it helps you get ranked at search engines like google, as well as in Youtube Search algorithm.

  1. Mention Videos on Quora and other Q&A authority sites. (Search for topic keywords, answer questions, reference Youtube Video that’s applicable (link to youtube).  Don’t spam plaster tons of links, must communicate in articulate human manner while providing a valuable link or reference.
  2. Even better than adding a link, is embedding the video straight into the answer content.
  • Around 5 high quality post posted on blogs with video embeded and keywords in the articles to connect all relevancy.
  • 10+ High PR social bookmarks.
  • Embed on following sites: (Can even just use 3: Spike, Digg, Tagged and create multiple accounts to rinse/repeat for different videos).

High Authority Backlinks for Videos
  1. Upload to User Generated Video sites with a backlink to your lander – on , or communities, etc.
  2. Embed in your other O&O’s when relevant on higher volume pages where applicable
  3. Embed in FB/Twitter authority accounts or Backlink Youtube Channel or your Sites video page.

These are just a few tips on Video and YouTube Search Engine Optimization to get your Digital and Social Strategy going while scaling your Audience!