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Local SEO Strategies for Healthcare Professionals

July 13, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Enterprise SEO such as the HealthCare Industry can be Tricky and Competitive

Whether a patient is looking for a flu shot in Dallas, or a pediatrician in Seattle, you want prospective patients to easily find you online. Considering the fact that the conversion rate through SEO leads is more than ten times what it is with outbound leads, it’s not that difficult to make a case for implementing a strong Local SEO strategy.

Focus On Anything That Makes Your Practice Unique

When narrowing down your choice for keywords and phrases, start by focusing on what makes your practice unique. Pretty much any family practice in Seattle is going to use some variation of “Seattle family doctor” as a keyword, so something like “Seattle family doctor evening appointments” gives a busy working mother an incentive to choose you over that other “family doctor” in Seattle.

Use Meta Descriptions, Structured Schema, Headers, and Rich Snippets.

Meta descriptions, which should include the name of your practice or facility along with a few quick selling points, shouldn’t exceed 150 characters. Don’t forget to include your location, especially important for health-related sites looking to attract patients primarily by geographic location. Heads and subheads within your content can make it easier for patients to browse, so throw in some relevant keywords here too.

Have More Than Just a Website

Google rankings are based on more than just your website. Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals don’t have all that many search verticals, referring to things like videos, mobile-friendly content, slideshows and relevant images, which should include a title or caption peppered with a few keywords. You can find companies like Dental SEO for answers to specific SEO questions related to the dental industry. Sign up for GMB (Google My Business) and establish authority and credibility in Local Search Queries. If you need some help, Brandets provides Free Local SEO Reports to Small Businesses.

Confirm That Your Contact Info Is Up-to-date

A big part of your SEO strategy is the way your contact information appears anywhere online. You’ll also want to make sure you have current content info on your website, your Google+ local page, any webpages with a phone number or address and on review sites, especially since positive patient reviews tend to have more of an impact than carefully crafted content.

Remember that not all of your search engine optimized content needs to be geared towards bringing in more patients. Informative and educational content, especially in the form of short video presentations, tends to generate more interest than blatant marketing efforts. If you’re not using social media to generate two-way conversations, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to drop some keywords and links. Finally, consider adding a sitemap to properly index all parts of your website for search engines.

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Online Search Engine Optimized Results and Rank

Is SEO Work is Worth its Cost?

Yes. If done efficiently, SEO is some of the most cost efficient marketing solutions available. Just like any profession, SEO experts build on the impression of being a reputable professional and that this is something that they can hold on as their trademark. Normally, clients will often question your work and will base the amount given to the quality of labor an SEO does. Proving yourself to be the best at what you do goes beyond the proverbial “I’m the best” quote and needless to say, one must be alert enough to back its claim. Measuring your worth in the world of SEO requires nerves of steel, upbeat attention and confidence to say that you are indeed the best among the rest.

In all likelihood, clients and customers will bring in with them bags and bags of questions regarding your work, capability and of course, the price. No client will just automatically choose an SEO agent without the mere fact of knowing that he or she is the right person to do the job. As a matter of fact, it is within their system to ask questions because, just like the rest of the community, they want to get their money’s worth. What’s in it for them if they hire you? Can you really take them on top of the list? How much for your services? These are just some of the questions that an optimizer will encounter with every potential client and suffice to say, these questions, harder ones in fact will just keep on pouring in.

Eventually, your decisions will dictate the fate of your business and it will only be a matter of time before a person invites you to sit down and talk about search engine optimization and what it can deliver to make them number one in the search rankings. However, there is a good thing about being an SEO: the Internet. This is and will always be your ultimate weapon in proving your worth for the whole to recognize you and your work. Social networking sites is where anybody from anywhere meets and with you in the mix, chances are that you’ll be encountering different personalities that you can readily offer some of your services to test your skills and acts as a proving ground as well. Proving your worth as an SEO can be quite easy but strenuous at the same time as this entails time and effort to do so. Your future success will only be considered if you have the capacity to prove yourself to the rest of the public that you can do the job in excellent form and what they are paying you is in accordance to the effort you put in.

Back everything up and make another Backup Copy

As mentioned above, clients will always question your reliability as a search engine optimizer. To have some sort of portfolio, take time to go back to your previous clients and ask for a feedback regarding on the services that you’ve offered them. This can potentially deal as a bearing that you are indeed capable of doing an excellent job. Satisfied customers will always be glad to say something positive about their contractor and will even recommend them to future customers and clients. It is also advisable for you to have a good relationship with each client to have an open view of what they are expecting and in return, you can give them what they want with little or no problems. In addition, religiously reviewing your ranking, backlinks and traffic will also act as a pillar in terms of your work performance and credibility as a search engine optimizer. Garnering these data can take a while but with the help of the Internet, no job is too heavy and once you’ve gathered all the specific data, it can make you reap the fruits of your labor.

Social Media 

Again, social media and networking sites is by far the most common weapon used by any search engine optimizer when it comes to proving themselves to be worthy of a handshake. It’s obvious that what you post over on social networking sites are visible to the rest of the world and why not use this to your advantage? Posting links to your websites, previous works, positive feedback, useful information and helping other optimizer’s are just some of the ways social networking sites can help you prove your worth. Constantly talk about what you’ve had achieved in the past and your plans for the future or start a conversation about your latest project or copy a link that underlines your current page views or unique visitors, the list goes on. Social media has helped in molding the way the community sees SEO and by doing so, a lot of practitioners are turning over to social media to build their rapport and gaining everybody’s respect and approval.

Local SEO Strategies for Healthcare Professionals
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Local SEO Strategies for Healthcare Professionals
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