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Advertising Audiences and Employment

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At Brandets; we Optimize, and we are the Best at AdOps…. We segment audiences like we segment any targeting. In many cases (B2B or B2C); it’s incredibly useful to be able to target demographics by job, position or lifestyle. This is an important methodology to have when making sure you are able to Reach your Target Audience via Programmatic AdOps.

Software Engineers-IT Directors

As the world delves deeper into digitally driven business, software engineers are becoming a bigger part of the business world. They are key decision makers due to their knowledge of digital programs and applications. Software engineers are choosing methods of organizing, running and completing digital tasks every day. helps you cater to these decision makers through content marketing. Our blog is read daily by software and IT professionals because of the topics relating to software, IT solutions, hardware and many more. This content allows us to specifically target Software engineers due to our premium content that aligns with their specific job.


Marketing is more important now than ever before. Promoting your services to the correct audience can be a difficult and confusing task. When you do this, it is important to take care in building a relationship through trust. Along with adding niche value to your products and services, you can connect with these experts.

To build trust and value, Brandets uses content marketing through Brandets caters to marketing executives, Chief technical and Information officers with articles in marketing solutions, marketing technology, inventory management and IT solutions. All these niche articles in each category ensure that the correct audience is reading the content, giving you very granular targeting capabilities.

Human Resource

Human resource professionals are constantly busy and dealing with day-to-day issues. A big portion of their position is trying to streamline inefficient processes and ensuring smooth running business operations. When marketing to HR professionals, one must be direct and to the point.

Brandets will help you capture this audience through content marketing. Our blog covers topics such as human resource management, employee satisfaction and company culture. This specific content allows you to specifically target the HR professional due to its relevancy to their department. Using will ensure that human resources directors and managers are in front of your products and services.


With more and more people concentrating on protecting the environment, there has been a surge in consumers switching over to alternative or green energy solutions. These products are better for the environment and help promote sustainability.

Brandets helps you target environmentally conscious consumers and environmentalists using Green Energy Publishers. Wind is our green energy site devoted to all forms of energy that are better for the environment. We capture this audience by utilizing great content on our blog page. See content ranging from solar energy installation, new electric cars, green buildings, and sustainable living. These categories help us capture the green friendly audience you want to reach.

Subprime Market

The subprime market is a market one must approach with caution. You are trying to sell your products to an audience with very little disposable income. Saving money is the most important factor, with low risk coming in a close second.

Through FinTech Partner sites, we use our data to help you capture the subprime market. users come to our site looking for auto title loans, pre-paid debit cards and high interest personal loans. All of these loan types are products typically used by the sub-prime market.

Creative Directors

The artist of the business world is the creative director. They ensure that your website is visually stimulating and looks professional to your clients and new customers. By keeping your site clean, you set a tone and a presence with anyone reaching out, or interacting with your company. is our business to business site that allows you to target individuals in a company by particular job title. Content marketing is the best way we do this. By placing your interest form at the bottom of our pages, we help you capture an engaged audience with content we know only a creative director would be interested in.

Restaurant Managers/Owners

Restaurant and bar owners are no longer counting on traditional methods of local marketing like word of mouth or the yellow pages to drive people into their restaurants. They are using search engines and geographically targeted mobile ads to drive new restaurant guests. Many are even involving themselves in online reservation databases that fill their reservation book before the night even begins.

Our Nutrician Publisher Partners help restaurant owners and managers to effectively market their restaurant. Hungry consumers simply choose the category of meal they would like to eat, or by typing in their zip code and the consumer is brought to a list of the areas restaurants.

To take advantage of our site, you can use our directory of restaurants to promote your products or services to a wide variety of restaurant managers and owners. Simply knowing who your target is and where they are located is the easiest way to promote your restaurant.

Health Care Administrators and Nurses

Few Healthcare sites hold a large directory of senior care providers. Within our directory, users can email or simply call the provider directly. To market your product or service to these different health care administrators and nurses, we utilize email marketing, in platform notifications and branded display campaigns. All of these efforts can be state and zip code targeted to ensure that you are only marketing to the organizations that are in your area.


Senior care Publishers are centered upon finding the best care for your senior family member. Seniors use the site to find the best care for themselves and their family members. We also provide a pharmacy card which helps us gain consumer data. A large proportions of these uses are senior citizens.

The information we gain from publishing partners users and pharmacy card holders allows us to retarget them with display and mobile ads. Seniors are the fastest growing market for gaming apps this year.

Latin Americans

Through experience and research, it is our understanding that the Latin American audience takes their time when building a relationship with a brand or company. Kelly McDonald of McDonalds marketing says that “Hispanics are more relationship oriented and less transactional.”

Brandets will help you gather this audience by using a more family oriented approach when it comes to digital creative and website design. This helps drive better engagement with our Latin American audience. Seasonal targeting is also strongly related to user engagement. Their holidays fall on different days and catering to these different holidays helps drive better click through rates of digital display advertising across all media devices.


Engineers are naturally technical. When targeting an audience that is so, you must be right to the point and exact with your message. Brandets uses straight forward marketing to pin-point the exact type of engineering executive you are looking for. According to a study done by MarketingSherpa, 63.9 percent of engineers looking for business services do this through search engine marketing.

Engineers are not just using Google for search. They are using other search engines to discover your services. Brandets offers fully optimized search and content marketing strategies for all our clients. By holding 20 different blogs, complete with premium content, we will capture your target market and provide better converting leads. We’re able to target engineers in many fields, including but not limited to:

Affluent / Wealthy Consumers

Affluent consumers are purchasing the majority of products in the US. Due to having a higher percentage of income that is disposable, these consumers are buying half of all US retail goods. The IAB found that 98% of affluent consumers (over $100,000 yearly income) use the internet, with only 79% of the general population doing so. With such a large portion of these consumers utilizing the web, the IAB found that they were more likely to also embrace digital media and ads that they see.

Brandets can help you reach this audience with display, mobile and video based ad inventory. Affluent users are also more likely to recall digital ads than the general population with 88% recalling ads from the previous week and 84% from non-affluent users. By using digital ads, we ensure that you are reaching the affluent audience you want to reach.

Financial Experts

The world of finance is a very broad industry. If you are looking to market to financial experts, one must be very granular with the type of advisor you are looking to reach.

Brandets helps many FinTech Companies. Companies like a consumer matchmaking site linking consumers with financial service agents such as home loan officers and insurance agents. Consumers can search for personal loans, mortgage refinancing, auto purchase and even title loans. This allows you to choose the specific type of expert you are looking to target and only reach out to them.

Though our site, we have the capability to target agents through direct email marketing and branded display, mobile and video.

Political Volunteers / Voters

Political campaigns are most often run by political volunteers and success is centered on voters. We help capture the political audience using our Political Publisher Partners. A few of our Network Partners allows users to login and create a political profile. Through our “Political Bias” survey, we understand each individual audience member and how they stand politically. Using this data, we can target the specific side of the political spectrum you are looking for though display, mobile and video based digital advertising.

Home Owners

According to the US census bureau, 65.5% of households currently house the owner. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 132 million homes in the U.S. This all means that there are 86,460,000 homes that are currently being lived in by the owner. If you can only target one audience with your marketing efforts, this is the one.

To help you with this, we will utilize our Home Renovation and FinTech Partner Site Data. Homeowners make up our primary user base for both of these platforms. Users are looking for new home purchase loans, or to simply refinance. Users are looking for help renovating their home, or to gain inspiration for decorating. In both cases, the main audience is home owners.


Contractors are constantly on the move, running from job site to job site. They are busy people and are not going to spend hours digesting long winded content on or offline. However, contractors primarily use online research to look at products before purchase. To help you capture this market, we utilize our own and operated site

Home Renovation is a home inspiration platform helping users find design inspiration, as well as renovation experts who can help make their home what they truly want. Currently, Home Renovation directories in our network houses a directory of thousands of different contractors who can help consumers with their home renovation projects. This directory allows us to specifically target contractors, via state specific targeting with Emails, in-platform notifications and branded display banners.

Travel Agents

The travel industry is constantly changing. Consumers are using the web for everything related to travel planning. New platforms are arriving every day that offer completely integrated discovery, scheduling and booking services. Travel agents must now compete against these platforms and it can be difficult. We have all that an agent needs to stay relevant in a competitive and complex marketplace.

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Advertising Audiences and Employment
In many cases (B2B or B2C); it's incredibly useful to be able to target demographics by job, position or lifestyle.
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