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June 26, 2019, Written by 1 comment

Mobile advertising is expected to increase another 50% by 2020 and has already increased back in 2017, becoming the fastest growing form of digital advertising available. Brandets Mobile AdOps teams you to place ads with pinpoint accuracy using Account Surround technology.

Geotargeting allows you to create targetable locations based upon latitude and longitudinal data. This means that if you want to only serve ads to local college kids on campus, tourists that are strolling the pier near your store, or prospective customers walking around your auto lot, this is exactly what you can and should do.

There are a few different forms of geographically specific targeting that you can take advantage of.

Lat/Long Targeting

Using GPS, a mobile user can pick up signals based on their exact location and see information regarding their exact current location. This information changes as the user moves areas.

GEO Targeting

By pinpointing where you would like to serve ads, this targeting can be as broad as the state level, or as granular as a specific neighborhood.


Also referred to as Radius Targeting; You create a digital, fenced in area that ads are served to with GEO Fencing (usually using a ‘miles’ variable). Anyone outside of this are will not be served. The whole idea is to only serve ads to people in specific areas like college campuses, auto-dealer parking lots, or retail store locations.

Whether your Ad Operations are aimed towards Mobile Web Publishers or Mobile App ( such as Games and Mobile Applications); Brandets is able to scale your Mobile AdOps (Banners or Videos) accordingly to your Goal and pass all Macros/Tracking needed to ensure your Audience is being Reached across Mobile Devices.

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