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Display Advertising

June 25, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Many Agencies will claim they have an ad-serving platform, efficiently configured for publishers and advertisers… but actually just use a 3rd party Ad Server to extend their O&O Audience. Display advertising gives you the power to place your creative message in front of millions of people. Utilize Brandets display AdOps team to optimize your ad banners across your extensive network of ad placements (via your Ad Server/DSP/SSP.

At Brandets; we are experienced with Account Surround, combined 1st and 3rd party data in one convenient, easy to use data source (such as a DMP – Data Management Platform) that integrates with Ad Servers to extend your audience, scale and reach. We take advantage of online and offline data to help you reach this audience and you should benefit greatly. Many publishers and agencies use cookie-less targeting, based on very granular criteria such as buying behavior and demographics and to ensure that you cater to the correct audience.

If you currently have data regarding an audience you are looking to target, we can plug this information into Account Surround and create a targetable audience segments we can serve ads to across your display network. After developing these segments for your campaigns, we will develop look-a-like segments and Line Items under each Insertion Order. These mirror the sales behavior and demographics of the segment, but hold a completely new set of consumers.

Reporting, complete with impression counts, clicks and conversions gives you the power to tell us which segments are working and which are not. Feedback will help us cater your campaign the correct way, ensuring that you reach the right audience every time.