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June 23, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Content Syndication

Our Content syndication program allows you to place your content on to thousands of premium name branded sites. Their audience consists of almost 90 percent of the United States total population. Cater to this audience to spread your content. Anything that entertains or educates can be spread through our program.

Mobile Geo-Fencing

Geofencing is the process of creating segmented geographical areas based on criteria you set. Examples include specific states, zip codes, townships, or school zones. Not only can we do this by a particular zone, we can create custom audience segments. For instance, a 25 mile radius around a government building, or a specific zip code, combined with the area around it can be made into a targetable area. This targeting technique gives you a very granular level of targeting for your campaign.

Cookieless Retargeting Cross-platform

Retargeting allows us to target your very specific audience. Using your 1st party data, we can specifically show ads to your audience based on cookie lists and IP address. We will retarget across platforms as well, mobile to display, mobile to tablet or any other combination. This allows us to target specific people who have visited a particular site, or who use a particular computing platform.

AOR Services

Brandets gives you control over how consumers view and interact with your brand. Using state of the art digital advertising, and premium performance marketing efforts, we will give your brand the proper promotion it needs to grow. Whether your company is considered a household name, or a brand new startup, Brandets puts your name in front of the right people at the correct time, in the correct fashion. Not only do we focus our efforts on different campaigns, we never forget the big picture. We need people to remember you. Your success is our success.

Network Mediation

Brandets offers you over 30 combined years of campaign management experience. We help you reach the correct audience by utilizing our display, mobile and video partners across 600 different ad networks. By running campaigns with us, our optimization team monitors your campaigns to ensure that you are hitting all desired impression counts, daily capacities and budgets.

Native Ads

Native ads are quickly becoming the most innovative and effective form of display based advertising today. Consumers no longer want to see ad banners at the top of the screen. They want to read content that explains what the product is, what it does, and how it differs from others. Native ads are a good mix of display and content marketing. This style of advertising is necessary for your company due to being 25% more successful than standard ad banners. It drives purchases of products 18% more than traditional placements.