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Yelp Fact Sheet – Facts for Small Business Profiles

August 18, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Facts for Businesses to Weight the Pros and Cons of Yelp Business Listings

The Yelp Fact Sheet, released a few years ago, stated 72 percent of reviews are recommended and can shape the rating of a Local Business. This statistic explains why 25% of reviews aren’t counted. The reviews are obviously there, but they do not contribute toward the quantified total star rating score for all businesses. Additionally; over time, some reviews may change to “Not Recommended”, thus further lowering a businesses score without any other context or reviews to explain the sudden decrease in rating.

Yelp Recommendation Review System

Yelp Fact #1: Being Popular will Generate Leads

Yelp is often considered a Pain in the BUTT for Small Business Owners; however, there is no denying it’s popularity. Arguably, it’s a far better lead generation platform for local businesses than LinkedIn. Many customers are proven to look up reviews on Yelp for a local business before making a decision to visit or purchase that Business Location. Yelp is known for false flagging positive reviews and allowing negative reviews to bypass. The model may hurt local Business Owners; but it only exemplifies Yelp’s software as a service for local Business Owners to pay to play.

Yelp doesn’t need a Business Owners consent to establish a Business Profile for said business on This leaves business owners vulnerable and often opting to claim their profile to be able to closely manage it and the reviews that may be placed. If Businesses have seen declines or variations in their ratings over the last few years, it’s likely from Yelp adjusting their algorithm and updating key metrics that could affect the entire landscape of Businesses across their platform.

Yelp Recommendation Review System

Yelp uses a recommendation review system to figure out which reviews are real and which are fake. Many Small Businesses attempt to game the system and have fake, artificial reviews posted to distort and enhance/increase their star rating on Yelp.

“Not Recommended” & Disappearing Reviews on Yelp

The Recommendation Review System attempts to flag these fraudulent reviews for deletion or mark suspicious reviews as “not recommended.” Occasionally, business owners have found the system moving multiple legitimate reviews to the “Not Recommended” section and making those review rating irrelevant to their overall Score on Yelp.  Business owners have all the right to be mad about disappearing reviews and reduced ratings as it affects their bottom line.

Fact #2: 92% of consumers who use online review sites say they made a purchase after visiting Yelp

There is nothing a business can do to control or manipulate Yelp’s Fact Sheet or review recommendation system. To this date, many businesses will still say it’s beneficial to monitoring their business profile on Yelp. Being able to interact and engage with customers leaving Reviews may be able to sway some potential negative one’s to neutral or positive. Consumers can always come back at any time and edit/change their reviews and Star Ratings. According to Yelp, more than 66 percent of reviews are four-star are higher. Furthermore, nearly 50 % of reviews on Yelp are five-star reviews, indicating that the majority of consumers leave positive reviews.

This goes a bit against the gut of common sense that indicates a person may be more inclined to review a business based on a bad or negative experience and needing to vent to the responsible establishment.

Most Users search Yelp for local Businesses on Mobile Devices

According to the Yelp Fact Sheet, 79% of searches by visitors on Yelp were done on Mobile devices in 2018. Additionally, 72% of Reviews left by users were done so on a Mobile device. With an average of 77 Million monthly Mobile unique visitors, Yelp is dominated by local users and businesses alike that are engaging on the go with many establishments and keen to leave their reviews of delight or dissatisfaction.

Your Patrons are among the most likely to endorse your Business on Yelp

Patrons love to show their satisfaction and representation of their favorite local establishments. As a business owner, you shouldn’t be weary of negative reviews that may come every few full moons, but look forward to all of your loyal patrons showing their appreciation and satisfaction for your Business. It’s good to have a platform for your Patrons and Customers to leave their mark of appreciation and entice others by endorsing your business.

Yelp Categories extends across every Business and Industry

Yelp has categories for every business, no matter how small

Intentionally; no doubt, every small business can have a Yelp Business Profile. Therefore, every business should have a plan for how to use Yelp as an asset and not feel like your defending your honor. Your Yelp Business Profile could already by listed without your knowledge; or you may not have a presence on Yelp at all. Even worse, there may be another competitor with a similar name obtaining your leads by consumer confusion.

Claim Your Yelp Business Profile

Yelp allows small business owners to claim their Business listing, which owners or representatives can then update Business Information and moderate reviews. If you can’t find your listing already created and ready to claim, you can create a listing manually. Every business owner needs to have a plan, strategy, and Take Control of their Yelp Business Profile.

Yelp Fact Sheet Stats Don’t Guarantee Results

With consumer behavior now giving online review platforms a vital role in consumer spending; serious business owners can’t afford to ignore statistics that they can use to their advantage. Businesses should attract new customers and allow the customers to spread the word about how great you are.

The stats from the Yelp fact sheet don’t guarantee success for any Small Business; however, they should provide insights on how you can control your Business Profile and moderate customer Reviews. Playing the game is the best way to ensure it’s a positive lead generation platform for years to come for your local business.

Yelp Fact Sheet - Facts for Small Businesses
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Yelp Fact Sheet - Facts for Small Businesses
Have you found that your Yelp Business Score has decreased without explanation and reviews suddenly "Not Recommended"? Take a look at this Yelp Fact Sheet to figure out why these reviews aren't being counted in Star Ratings.
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