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Niche Marketing your Target Audience

August 8, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Marketing 101: Niche Marketing

Marketing your products and services online can be a difficult task, especially when you don’t have a large advertising budget. However, it is possible to still compete with larger companies and market online. Niche marketing allows smaller businesses to advertise their products and services to a specific audience. 

With a limited advertising budget and a specific product your company can target a limited audience who’s interested in what you have to offer. To find the right niche for your marketing efforts isn’t that difficult. Your first objective is to determine your targeted audience. Concentrate on the people who would most benefit from your products or services. Narrowing down your targeted market will help you find your targeted audience.

What are the benefits of niche marketing? 

  1. Your advertising budget goes further and your sales increase.
  2. Advertising to a targeted market cost less than advertising in a global market.
  3. Your marketing campaign only focuses on a specific gender, age group, hobby, occupations, and ethnic background.
  4. Your company can sell a wider range of goods and services, plus you escape the competitive mass marketing competition. 

How to design a niche marketing campaign: 

  1. Tailor your marketing efforts to only concentrate on the unique needs of your audience.
  2. Your advertising must attract and meet the needs of your targeted audience.
  3. Define the benefits and features of your product that will most appeal to your particular market segment.
  4. Make sure your products and services are different from the existing products on the market today.
  5. Determine if your products will meet the targeted consumers needs better than the existing products on the market.
  6. Understand what makes consumers complain about the existing products.
  7. What current offering are missing in the market today?
  8. Combine various sub-offers with your existing offers.
  9. Supply your customers with higher-quality products and services.
  10. Always deliver top-notch service to your customers.
  11. Pay close attention to your R&D and production costs.
  12. Consider offering a generic product and a customized product.
  13. Use word-of-mouth marketing campaigns instead of traditional marketing campaigns.
  14. Create consumer-generated contact for your marketing campaigns.
  15. Take advantage of forums in your niche market.
  16. Use social and digital marketing during your niche market campaign.

How To Recruit The Right Niche Marketers For Your Organization

Marketing today requires more than mere artistic ability and creative talent.  Marketers must also be up to speed on technical requirements like metrics and data analysis techniques making it difficult to find the right people. 

Here are four steps to help you make the right decision when recruiting the highest quality marketing professionals for your business.

1.      Relay the Target Audience to the Marketing Department

Introducing someone with a more cutting edge technical skill-set could prove problematic if some of your marketing staff subscribe to the old-school way of doing things.  It’s therefore important that you make sure everyone, including the head of department, has bought into the idea of a more collaborative ethos.  Make it clear to your staff that everyone’s talent is valued, whether it be creative or technical.

2.      Identify the Skills You Need

Technology, and in particular that surrounding marketing, is constantly changing at a rapid rate so it is important that you acknowledge this when you’re considering the skills your new employees will need.  Look at the staff you have now and plan to recruit in order to bridge skills gaps as well as looking to your organization’s future needs.

The modern marketer will need to have a good grasp of skills like coding, programming, graphic design, SEO, data analysis, video production, website design and management, and social media.  It may be that you currently outsource staffing requirements in these areas and you could save yourself some money by bringing suitably equipped talent into your permanent workforce instead.

3.      Produce Audience Targeted Content

In order to attract the very best people to your organization, you need to plan your recruiting campaign.  You’ll need to impress with your company’s use of cutting edge strategies, and that includes powerful content marketing.  Create and publish eBooks, blog posts, videos, and social media posts to illustrate and describe the successes enjoyed by your marketing department.  Use these platforms to tell the story of your company.

Talented marketers will be looking to work for a company that’s going places and that has a future.  It’s up to you to show them that yours is a great business to work for.  Don’t forget to utilize social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to advertise vacancies as well as your company blog and vacancies page.

4.      Use Marketing Technology

Savvy candidates will look out for automated emails and other technological innovations from companies they’re considering joining.  Use this media to provide information about the recruitment process and to give notification of impending recruitment events.  Watch click-throughs to see who is interested in your organization.

The marketing industry is rapidly growing and technology is increasingly playing a greater role.  Plan now to embrace this shift and ensure that your business maintains its competitive edge as you move forward.

In Conclusion: 

Niche marketing is an excellent way for smaller businesses to target and advertise on the Internet. However, before launching your niche marketing campaign you must first determine your target market, your product benefits, and if your product will meet the consumer’s needs. All niche marketing campaigns will succeed if you first narrow down your target market, focus on the benefits of your products, and offer the best customer service to your customers.

Business Writing Tips for Your Marketing Articles

Writing your company’s business marketing articles is so important. However, many business owner’s find it hard to write a good marketing article. They have problems composing their thoughts and ideas on paper or they have no idea where to start. At times marketing articles are intimidating and hard to compose. You are afraid to make a mistake because your client will lose confidence in you and your products. Therefore, it is important to understand the basics of writing marketing articles. Once you have mastered the basics the rest is easy. 

Research Your Niche

Research is the key to writing a successful marketing article. The more you know about your subject the easier it is for you to write your article. When writing your article it helps to have a passion for the subject you are writing about. If you are interested in your subject mater the rest comes naturally.

Ask Questions about your Niche Audience

Before writing your article ask the questions that will give you the answers people are seeking when they read your article. In marketing articles the 5 W’s and 1 H need to be addressed. You need to answer the questions for: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Ask yourself the basic questions about your topic, but look further and ask the questions your readers have. Therefore, you will need to research your topic to find out what people are asking. When you write your article make sure you have only written about the questions you can answer adequately, with authority, and accuracy. Also, make your readers interested and want to know more about what you have to offer. 

Goals of writing your Niche

Understand the goal of your article. You want to focus on your main objective of your article. Whether it is following a link that redirect your reader to a web site or subscribing to your newsletter. Answer the question in your article, but ask more questions that will spark an interest in your reader. Keep your readers’ attention and interest sparked so they want to find the answers and follow your link. 

Article Beginning

The beginning of any good marketing article has to capture the reader’s attention in the first two to three sentences to make them want to read further. When writing the beginning of your article keep in mind what would keep you interested, to read further. Always focus on gaining your readers’ attention and keeping it until the end of your article. If you have problems understanding what would capture your reader’s attention. Read through a few articles that have captured your attention. Use this as your inspiration when writing your article.

Article Ending

The ending of your article has one purpose. To make your reader, follow your lead, click on the link, or take the desired course of action you have asked them to take. By ending your article with a link for your reader to follow won’t work. Your readers need directions and a reason to click on your link. Therefore, you need to give them this direction and tell them how important it is to click on your link You either need to tell them or ask them do what you want.

When you sit down to compose your marketing article keep in mind that you are telling your readers about your products and services. They are reading your article because they are interested in what you offer or have to say. Your reader needs to feel excitement when they are reading your article. Remember, you are supplying your readers with some valuable information that they are interested in or that can help them. If you can carry on an intelligent conversation about a mutual interest with a friend, then you can write a marketing letter for your readers.

Niche Marketing your Target Audience
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Niche Marketing your Target Audience
Niche marketing is an excellent way for smaller businesses to target and advertise on the Internet. However, before launching your niche marketing campaign you must first determine the following:
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