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Lead Generation Apps and Tips

July 22, 2019, Written by 0 comment

The use of mobile phones has replaced almost everything that we once used to do manually. Most of it has been for convenience and there are many ways today to do things much more quickly today than ever before. Smartphone applications have changed the way we interact with technology, with so many options and tasks present on the tip of our fingers.

Nexion has taken advantage of that and created a new app by the name of Smart Leads, that lets customers connect with agents when making their travel plans. This great new app takes lead generation for travel agents to a whole new level and brings them closer to their clients.

The Idea Behind Smart Leads

Nexion identified the fact that around 30 million people making travel plans today do so by researching on their smartphones first. The company decided to build on that and give people a way to easily connect with a travel agent, because even when people make their travel plans online, they still prefer having an agent to finalize the details and handle any complications.

Nexion will use the Smart Leads app to connect the agents who are registered with the service and the members of Nexion’s Travel Valet Service. The focus is to look for new potential customers and connect them to a Nexion agent after careful qualification processes.

What Can Agents Do With Smart Leads?

This great new app that enhances lead generation for travel agents is set to help agents in multiple ways:

  • Based on where the agency is and what specialties they have, they will be connected with new clients. 
  • They will be able to customize the app according to their marketing needs. They can design their dashboard as they see fit to tap potential clients.
  • They can reach out to their existing clients with special offers.
  • They will have the ability to provide their clients with travel products, travel quotes, and supplier promotions, ultimately putting their brand in the clients’ hands. 

How Does the Agent-Client Pairing Work?

Using the consumer-facing app Travel Valet, Nexion matches certain clients with agents based on the client’s requests or requirements. The agents get an introduction to the client, after which they can decide whether they want to work with the client or not. The agents send their information to the client and if things work out between the two parties, their relationship grows strong.

Agents have to pay $19.99 a month to be able to use this service. In return, they can get exposure to more clients than they would otherwise. In our opinion, it may be best to organically generate leads, than pay for another provider.

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Take a Cue from Batman for Lead Generation

Being a part of a lead generation team means you need to do everything you can and do your best to make contacts that will lead to sales or other favorable outcomes for your company. That includes letting your prospective clients get to know the other side of you, even if you’re Batman.

Lead generation strategies include using social media, like Facebook and Twitter. These social networking sites give you the advantage of reaching out to your customers more directly and more consistently, often for free. Using these sites might not work well though if customers and other prospective clients find themselves interacting with a robot, which can happen if you’re coming across like someone who isn’t human.

Being the person you need to be when you are engaging in business is fine. After all, you are required to be someone that must bring in customers and secure sales for the company. If being that person however makes your customers feel that they are dealing with someone who seems robotic or from another planet, then you might consider revealing the other side of you to let them know you are human, just like them.

You know Batman, right? The man in the black, bat-like suit who is always ready to save Gotham’s citizens from evil-doers. Well, if the dark knight who rescues every damsel in distress in his beloved city becomes part of a lead generation team, do you think he could get a single customer? You don’t think so? Let’s see.

He may be a well-known superhero, but there is no doubt that people would have second thoughts if he would be the one advertising the brand and reaching out to them. That’s because he wears a mask, and no one knows who he is, (except for Batman’s loyal butler and bodyguard, Alfred, of course). Not knowing the person you are dealing with when it comes to business not a good thing.

If Batman wants to make contacts, and eventually land sales, taking off his mask with those bat-like ears would greatly help. Revealing the other side of you will let the other person feel that you are just like them, a normal human being. This is what people call the Double Life Effect.

This strategy means that you show the other side of you, even if it may seem irrelevant to business, to let your prospective clients see that you are not just a salesperson trying to convince them to buy your product or work with your company. Most often, people tend to believe and trust in others when they know that those people they are dealing with are not automated individuals, just saying their lines to reach their quota. Customers want to feel and see that you are a person who understands their needs and prioritizes addressing those needs as a part of the campaign and lead generation. If you happen to be part of a lead generation team, you might want to take the mask off.

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Lack a Blog? Don’t Fret about Leads

The best and the simplest way for any marketer to attract more traffic to a webpage is to generate content that is interesting for the customer. Content is like the most basic element of online marketing without which there would be nothing else.

The best way to generate interesting content on a regular basis is by developing a company blog. It helps keep your business and company dynamic and also increases your webpage’s ranking in search engines. If your company lacks a blog, and you fret about generating leads for your content, you don’t need to worry about it at all. All you have to do is make a company blog and heed the following tips and tricks to attract more customers.

Think of your Blog like a Magazine:

The most important thing about magazines that make them attractive to people is that they are easy to understand and are geared towards the people. Your blog should be the same. Your content should be interesting for your prospective clients and it should be presented in a way that is enjoyable to read and easy to understand.

Remember the 5 Aspects of a Successful Blog:

If your company lacks a blog, it is time to make one so you can stop fretting about healthy leads. That said, maintaining a successful blog isn’t very easy if you don’t know these five basics of blog design:

  • The first thing a client notices on a blog, or any webpage, is the title. Make sure your titles are to-the-point and comprehensive enough to let the reader know what is in your post at the onset.
  • Be it a book or an advertisement, no one likes reading heaps of text with seemingly no end. Write your content in a way so that reading it becomes an enjoyable experience rather than a tiresome one. Use bullet points and paragraphs to break your text into interesting portions, where each preceding paragraph leads to the next one.
  • Human beings respond to visual stimuli much more than any other, which is why it is vital that you add multimedia to your blogs. Images and videos can attract much more people to your blog than just a whole lot of text.
  • Link your content to other sources on others of your pages as well. This makes the reader want to click on these links and find out more about what they are interested in, which means more traffic to your pages.
  • Adding a CTA (Call-to-Action) button on your blog will help make readers click on it and that will increase traffic for you. A CTA is a button or an image that encourages people to click on it and leads them to a new page. You can use CTA links to bring your blog readers to be more involved with the products of services you are selling.

These are some of the most important things you should remember when starting a blog. Blogs will help generate leads for your business so you don’t have to fret about trying to attract more traffic to your website. Companies that lack a blog see much less traffic than those that do have one and if you want to have a successful online business, it is time for you to start one as well.

Lead Generation Apps and Tips
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Lead Generation Apps and Tips
These are some of the most important things you should remember when starting a blog. Blogs and Apps will help generate leads for your business so you don’t have to fret about trying to attract more traffic to your website.
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