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Low Cost Business Marketing Ideas

January 9, 2020, Written by 0 comment

4 Affordable Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Marketing is important and cannot be avoided. People spend a lot of money on marketing. But why should you spend money when you can use some low cost marketing ideas, which are extremely easy and can definitely increase the sales of your business? The money which you save through these ideas can be used for some other funds which your business requires or would require in the future. So here’s the list of some effective, low-cost marketing ideas.


Infographics can prove to be a useful tool for marketing your business. You don’t need to hire a designer to create an infographic. Just make sure that you have a great idea, and your concepts of how to portray it. Today, we have software and applications through which you can create effective info-graphics. This won’t be expensive and will surely attract customers to your business.


Marketing through promotional videos has become a trend in the world of business. Create a video which attracts the audience. Make sure that you consider important points like which camera should be used, the message should be conveyed properly, and the effects which you put should to create an interest on the mind of the clients. Keep these points in mind and create promotional videos, which will help you gain extra customers.


With the increasing use of technology, social networking has become a part of our day to day lives. Create a page of your company, or invite your friends and other people to a group that is related to your business. Regularly send invites to friends and families when you have any important event coming up. Promote your products and services on social media platforms, and also ensure to reply to customers if they have any doubts. This will definitely increase the traffic for your business.


Design some amazing business cards and effectively make use of them. Give your business cards to the people you meet and other friends; by doing this you are indirectly creating contacts.

So these were some low-cost marketing tips for your business. Ensure that you make use of these simple tips and promote your business.

7 Basic Rules for Internet Marketing

Internet marketing strategies involve driving targeted (people who are interested in what you have to offer) traffic to your website, blog, or sales page.

That traffic then has to be converted into sales. This simple formula illustrates this process:

Traffic + Conversions = Sales

Keeping this formula in your mind will help you in your internet marketing efforts because you will realize that you not only have to generate traffic, but also turn those visitors into buyers.

Furthermore, here are 7 basic rules to follow when applying this formula. These rules are relevant to all forms of marketing but are especially important for online marketing where inexperienced people can “burn” a lot of money quickly and become very discouraged.

1. All marketing involves RISK.

Whether you are trying something new or “copying” a strategy that has brought good results for others, there is still an element of risk.

When speaking of risk, you tend to think of gambling which makes for an appropriate analogy here.

For internet marketing, we try to reduce the risk and swing the odds in our favour by doing keyword research, learning skills like ad writing, article marketing, and pay per click, and other general marketing activities such as knowing what your target market is interested in.

2. Test small first.

Reduce your risk by testing a marketing approach on a small scale first. If it works, then increase the scale and create momentum.

This is how to make money!

3. Be consistent.

Successful marketers do something to propel themselves forward everyday. That is their secret.

A good practice is to create a to-do list every night featuring 5 actions that you must complete the following day.

By doing this at night before you go to sleep, you engage your subconscious mind and the next day you will know what you have to do and be on target to complete these tasks.

This is a very powerful process. Try to do this, one day at a time, until it becomes a daily habit.

4. Set a budget.

Determine what you can afford to spend on advertising on a monthly basis. In this way you can set and manage your expectations.

This should also prevent you from trying things you cannot afford.

5. Diversify.

Spread your efforts as much as you can over many different sources. This will also reduce your risk and help you to discover what works.

Remember that if one internet marketing method that you try does not produce results, you have not failed. This just means that you are one step closer to finding something that DOES work.

6. Learn how to write effective copy.

The skill that will make or break you in internet marketing is copywriting.

It is especially important to learn how to write headlines. There is a ton of good information online that is free regarding headlines and copywriting. Just do a Google search.

7. Take action, test, and track.

Tracking is essential because you absolutely need to know the results of your marketing efforts.

Once you start getting results, you can employ simple tests to see if you can improve. Often this testing involves strategies that are free.

One such strategy that comes to mind is split testing. You can do this for free, and it can provide incredible returns. Generally speaking, split testing involves making slight changes to a landing page or adwords ad, often just the wording of the headline, and testing it against a current version.

I have seen very simple changes DOUBLE the productivity of an ad. It’s not only amazing, but also a lot of fun! Marketing takes work. You simply cannot get something for nothing. Massive action creates massive results.

So take action and do not be afraid to fail. Remember to minimize your risk.

Low Cost Business Marketing Ideas
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Low Cost Business Marketing Ideas
Internet marketing strategies involve driving targeted (people who are interested in what you have to offer) traffic to your website, blog, or sales page.
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