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June 23, 2019, Written by 0 comment


Video advertising is taking over the online advertising world. Brandets will help you monetize your videos across all devices and technologies, from mobile to internet connected TV’s and game consoles. We offer you complete viewability of your campaign, allowing you to see how many of your impressions are seen by your audience and not just skipped through.

Account Surround

Account Surround technology encompasses 1st party data gathered from our owned and operated sites, as well 3rd party data sources. These data sets allow us to build targetable audience segments that we will use to ensure your campaign is targeting your audience. These data sets hold information such as age, gender, consumer buying behavior, affluence indicators, household data and geography.

Content Extension

Our Content Extension network allows you to promote your business through our premium direct publisher relationships. Holding these direct publishers allows us to promote your blog, link, or video through some of the highest ranked websites on the web such as Forbes, Time Magazine, Slate and People. This network holds approximately 90% of the US population.

If you are working with a small business, media agencies, non-profits, small book publishers, or alike, our Content Extension program will put your name in front of thousands of new potential clients driving your business into the for-front of your industry.

Self-Serve Media buying

Traditionally, advertisers have little, to no control over how their media budget is spent. With our self-serve platform, we combine the ease of a simple interface, with access to thousands of publisher networks. By giving you regular, real-time data analytics, you get up-to-date information on performance of your campaigns. Impression counts, page views, and click through rates are all given to you in a simple, easy to digest form each day. Use our platform to run your standard ad banners, interstitials, rich media or video ads. Currently, we are only offering our Self-Serve Platform to Legacy Clients.

Inbound Calls

Through our owned and operated properties we drive quality, inbound prospects to your sales floor. These callers are looking to speak with someone regarding your products and are more likely to convert than traditional lead methods. Calls are driven through Radio, TV, Display, Mobile and Video ads. Our owned and operated sites hold many different call directories that allow consumers the ability to click-to-call our clients. Mobile directories are far more successful in driving calls due to their ease of use on many devices.

Leads and Appointments

Our leads are all gathered from our owned and operated sites, complete with TCPA & GDPR compliant data. Our leads allow you to focus on closing deals, rather than outbound sales. If your services typically require a home appointment for quotes, or initial overview, we are here for you. When you look at the ROI of typical marketing efforts, set appointments always rank higher and perform better at driving sales. Our appointment setting services provide you with a higher sales rate, highly experienced outbound sales staff and easily understood data analytics. Let us work for you, while you stay in control.