Digital Competitive Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Digital Landscape Competitive Analysis

Our Competitive Analysis Will Show You Focus On How You Compare To Your Top Competitors By:


  • Evaluating your website and focusing on for improvement that can be optimized


  • Identifying assets that can be used for Inbound Marketing Funnels.


  • Pinpointing online advertising and digital strategies across numerous channels and mediums


  • Determining search engine competitive results and visibility for potential users in the research and awareness phase.


  • Evaluating how you present your brand and your value proposition, including what user funnels that you and your competitors are encouraging potential customers through.


  • Assessing customer and user engagement, interaction, satisfaction and feedback, including online reputation and mentions.

Digital Marketing Competitive Analysis From Brandets

The only way to get ahead of your competitors online is to know how you rank against the them.

In order to WIN with your online marketing strategy, you need to know the landscape, including who your top competitors are and how your brand positioning compares across the search engines. How you market your business compared to your competitors will determine how you perform online (including Conversions and Leads). Furthermore, the growth of your company is reliant on how you compare to your competition and what opportunities are available for you to make progress and get ahead.

Online Competitor Analysis Report

Request A Competitive Analysis

With a complete free SEO competitive analysis from Brandets, we identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities in a digital marketing perspective—including actionable data that you can use to outrank competition. We provide digital strategic recommendations for each area to rapidly improve your online positioning and performance.

A Competitive Analysis is Quintessential for Your Company

Whether your driving Local Sales or Online Customers, 75% of clients conduct a large amount of research online regarding a companies brand before buying. If you’re ready to outrank competitors and get in front of a larger audience, the first step is understanding the competitive landscape, which begins with an analysis from Brandets. Stop wondering how you stack up against the competition and get the results you desire.

Our competitive analysis techniques include examining:

  • Website Security (HTTPS vs. HTTP)
  • Mobile Friendly – Mobile First Indexing
  • Website Page Speed
  • Website Content Quality & Curation
  • Website Content Length & Keyword Density
  • Website Indexing & Crawling, Errors & Warnings
  • Backlink Quality and Quantity
  • Review, Mention, and Citation Analysis
  • Website search visibility and page rankings for top keywords
  • PPC Advertising Forecasts
  • Market Demand and Monthly Search Volume
  • Website User Experience & Issues
  • Google My Business Profile (if a local business)
  • SERP features in your landscape
    • Knowledge Graph
    • Local Packs
    • Featured Snippets
    • Answer Box
    • Image Packs, etc.