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Why Every Business Needs A Blog

July 2, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Should Every Business Have a Blog Online?

Does your small business have a website? Of course, you reply. Every business large or small needs a website these days. A potential customer’s first action when looking for a particular product or service is to Google it. So, you have a website but does that website also have a blog?

A blog is an invaluable marketing tool and every business should have one.

Why does your business need a blog?

1. A regularly updated and interesting blog is a great way of communicating with both established and potential customers.

2. Add a comments feature to your blog page and allow your customers to provide you with feedback. It’s really important that you know what people like about your business and more importantly what they don’t like. Your blog readers will also tell you what they want to read more or less of.

3. A good blog will draw customers back to your site again and again to read what your blogger has to say and builds a relationship with them. This builds a loyal following, increases traffic to your website and hopefully will result in more sales and referrals.

4. A factually accurate, well researched and sharply written blog demonstrates credibility.

5. Perhaps the most important reason to include a blog on your website is to keep the site itself fresh and interesting and gives you the opportunity to update your readers regularly about developments within your business and up and coming events or sales they may be interested in.

The numbers to note

It’s estimated that currently 128 million people in the US alone will be blog readers and the number of people who blog is in excess of 38 million. So, you can see from these stats that blogging is the way to go.

Of those readers, 81% trust the information provided in blogs and an estimated 61% of consumers have actually made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blog. Companies with an active blog included on their website have 97% more inbound links to that blog which increases traffic to their site and boosts SEO.

Most people these days have a home computer, laptop, iPhone or some other device through which the internet (and potentially your blog) can be accessed.

What now?

It’s often said that you don’t get anything for nothing in this world and that’s also true of a good blog. The art of really good blogging takes time, commitment and expenditure if you decide to employ a blogger or bloggers to keep your site updated.

Most people, 65% in fact, are described as visual learners. Therefore, it’s important to create the right look and ambience for your blog. Take, Speak Out Small Business for example; first off there are big, attention-grabbing pictures and snappy article titles to draw readers in and a plethora of informative and useful topics covered by some great writers.

If your small business doesn’t have its own blog yet, it really should have!

Why Every Business Needs A Blog
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Why Every Business Needs A Blog
It’s often said that you don’t get anything for nothing in this world and that’s also true of a good blog.
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