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Improve Branding with these Powerful Methods

August 4, 2019, Written by 0 comment

5 Powerful Tactics to Improve Branding

I have spent the past 16 years focusing on this formula creating a complete course to walk you through the process from beginning to end, while also creating a supportive community in the process.

The following are proven steps on branding your business through blogging. I hope that you’ll put to good use the knowledge which I will share.

1. The Pre-Launch Planning

First of all, you have to answer these following questions:

Why are you starting your blog?

Is it for entertainment, or for money?

If it’s both, how are you going to make money with your blog?

After answering these questions, choose the niche that you will be writing about. To have a more laid out goal setting, plan out your blog’s direction over the next 12 months.

2. Mastering Your Niche

Dissect your chosen niche down to its smallest component. After which, maximize your keyword tools to see what people would be searching for. Once you have worked this out, look for a mentor who is credible and capable of guiding you along the way; this has definitely a huge impact on your goals and specific objectives.

3. Launching your Blog

Choose a domain name that fits your personality, brand and topic well. Afterwards, make sure that as you launch your blog, see to it that you are using a quality web host and WordPress hand in hand. Install all the necessary themes and plug-ins to compliment your website. Lastly, setup Google Analytics in order for you to monitor your site’s traffic.

4. Creating Your Blog Content

Always remember that as you are building your website, you are also educating people. Only create content that provides value and credibility on your brand. Utilize keyword search and niche topics to focus on content creation. Write detailed blog content that approximately has plus 1000 words which of course includes appealing images. Do not forget that you can attract people by not making lengthy texts, rather through effective pictures which show content in three seconds or less. Always observe and evaluate your competition’s content, and learn how to do it better.

5. Establishing Your Brand

The secret is to look professional, and to be professional; create an expert looking logo for your site and then setup social networking links on your sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. One important element is to also put up a mailing list through your blog to increase your following. Remember that you should always check up on who follows you because technically, they are your clients, who will make your website and business truly existing in the World Wide Web.

6. Monetization

Check the monetization of your site by signing up with Google Adsense; after which, find affiliate programs that will match the target audience of your site. If applicable, sell direct advertising and reviews on your blog.

7. Dominating your Niche

The best tip to be successful is to create your own product and by launching an affiliate program for your product. If you effectively establish yourself as an expert in your niche, you will have many followers in your field and business.

Branding concept on a laptop screen
Branding concept on a laptop screen

Focus on Your Brands Online Presence

In today’s time, your brand quality could be a subject of doubt if you do not know how to strategically market and promote. Everyone wants to be successful with their business, but people should go beyond simple marketing first in order to triumph.

Everywhere, we see campaigns, advertisements, one minute video marketing clips, photos, articles and blogs. The internet made it very easy for us to promote our products and services. However, the secret of online promotions is about knowing what your brand is above anything else.

In order to step up a notch on your business, follow these five tips for your brand.

1. Research on your line of product.

If you have already established your brand and still feel the need to expand your network, it’s time to take a closer look on your marketing strategies. In the eyes of a few people, you may be successful, but have you tried a quantitative method on your products and services?

One method on doing a research is by conducting a survey to the people around your area. Second, you can initiate a focus group discussion about these people’s interests and dislikes. Take for instance my clothing business. It was not easy for me at first because I can’t determine my target market. Through the comprehensive survey method which I have conducted a few years back, I found out that I could sell clothes to teenagers.

A survey method could also help you find out if you need to expand or not. Survey results will tell you where you need to focus on.

2. Make a solid ground for your brand.

After doing a research, it is best to look into your brand. Your brand should speak for you and be independent at all costs. At first, you may have a lot of people giving you advice, but eventually, you need to stand on your own. Convergence is part and parcel of advertising, but before being tied up with other brands, establish yours first.

3. Compare and contrast your competitors.

Your competitors are not your enemies. Think of them as your neighbors, trying to survive and live as well; in order to have co-existence, make them part of your goals. Always make sure that you are not out there to fight or attack anyone; instead, nurture your business.

4. Be original.

Now that everything is in place, look into your marketing and promotions department. Study the website you’ve built for your business and see what changes could be enhanced. Check if your website is too simple or too grandiose. Just always remember to never settle for less. The texts you are using on your website should neither be too small nor too large.

To get attention for your website, use appealing images to make effective and powerful messages about your brand.

5. Optimize your website to mobile applications.

After designing your website, you should now focus on optimizing your website to mobile applications. You have to make yourself available to people, not the other way around. Not all people will search for you, so present yourself to them and show them that you have a strong brand.

Laptop Technology Corporate Business Teamwork Branding Concept
Corporate Business Teamwork Branding Concept

Key Points to Consider in Branding

In marketing, branding is more than just a logo, an image or even a recognized and well-known name. It represents someone’s collective experience with a company’s product or service. So a brand is someone’s overall perception of a product or company which is built up over time.

Here below are four main points you should bear in mind in the process of building your company’s brand:

1) Focus on a Single Message: 

Don’t try to be all things to all people, but instead spend the necessary time focusing on a single clear statement or message. As an example, the reason why Mercedes-Benz is famous for owning engineering in the car industry is because it has focused exclusively on that single message for decades.

2) Consistency is Key: 

Being consistent in your presentation will make sure that your customers immediately recognize you. Be consistent in the use of taglines, logos, tone, visual elements, ad copy and merchandising generally. Coca-Cola is one of the most easily recognizable brands because their presentation has not changed in decades. So take a leaf out of their book and ensure that your website, brochures, direct mail and all other advertising have the same message and feel.

3) Make the Message Relevant: 

Know your target audience, know what they really care about and how to communicate with them. You need to make sure that what you sell is just what they need. The conversation you have should always be about your target audience, not your business.

4) Use Strong Offers to Motivate: 

Naturally you want your audience to remember you and buy from your business. You need to provoke them into action, so a strong tempting offer will give them an incentive to spend their money on your products/services. Make sure that the offer is unambiguously clear and appropriate to your brand. Each time a customer, or potential customer, comes into contact with your brand they will have an experience that is positive or negative, rarely neutral. So the experiences they have will add to their perception of your brand. Those experiences will be remembered later when the time comes for them to make a purchasing decision.

So think carefully: what memory do you want someone to have of your brand when the point is reached where the fish could bite (i.e. the prospect could buy). You need to start building a positive perception right from the word Go and do everything you can to maintain it, i.e. whatever tweaking is necessary.

Improve Branding with these Powerful Methods
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Improve Branding with these Powerful Methods
You need to start building a positive perception right from the word Go and do everything you can to maintain it, i.e. whatever tweaking is necessary.
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