Branding, Design & Strategy

Design, UX/UI, User Acquisition, Growth Hacking


Internally our programming, design, sales/marketing, business development and media buying groups all work together motivated by the goal to create success for our clients.

Our teamwork mentality extends beyond our internal team to both our advertiser and publisher base. Our company is constantly innovating and strives to achieve to the best of our ability.

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses email as a means of communicating commercially with the purpose of acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something immediately.

Brandets has been able to cross market hundreds of different offers to the huge inventory of email lists that our email publishers have compiled over the years and are able to target your offer to specific groups of individuals with a higher propensity to respond favorably to your product.


Brandets has some of the best Graphic Design experts on the net.  Additionally, we have teams of UX/UI designers that are well rehearsed in providing a superb ambiance for Users to enjoy utilizing your site or application.


24X7 Call Center

Need inbound/outbound call center teams?

Our experts are the best of the best when it comes to Telecommunications Management and full stack communications technology.  From AI Chatbots to Web Scraping B2B or B2C user lists to Automated Voice Mail or Text Messaging.


Site Based Advertising

Love them or hate them, banner ads are a very successful way of advertising online. Due to our widespread and diverse grouping of partner sites, Brandets can easily secure placements that will get your campaign results, even in geo-targeted or background specific fields.

Audience Extension

We are able to leverage our large network to get very affordable ad pricing these savings are passed onto our customers with our extremely competitive rates.


Social Media Marketing

Brandets has full cycle Social Media experts to create curated content in every niche, product, service, or industry.  From Daily Posts, to fully engaged communication with followers.

Co-Reg Offers

Co-registration or Co-reg, refers to the process where by one offer is piggybacked on another to collect consumer information of interested parties.

Brandets is able to not only use co-registration to build mailing lists to contact the consumer at a future time, but we are also able to push a groups of offers to large numbers of prospective clients for a very affordable rate making co-reg one of our most economical methods of marketing.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine paid result pages.

Popular search engines are sites such as Google, Bing, Amazon and Yahoo! but Brandets has also partnered with several smaller search engines that have allowed us to take advantage of this type of marketing.

Used mostly on campaigns with few to many parameters, search engine marketing brings your campaign directly to someone who is specifically searching the web for what you have to offer.  We are very capable in handling high budgeted SEM campaigns and optimizing ad relevance to produce the cheapest SEM campaigns creating superior User Acquisition results.


Offline Advertising

Whether it be mailers, television, radio, billboards or any other medium you can think of, offline is a conventional method that can be very successful for campaigns looking for zip code targeting or offers specific to a particular target group easily reached offline.

Brandets can assist advertisers looking for a hybrid of online/offline placement. We also assist clients in diversifying or modifying their ad spends to encompass the strengths of both online and offline media.