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Affiliate Marketing 2021: How To Make Money Online Guide

June 13, 2020, Written by 13 comments

Making Money Online in Affiliate Marketing in 2021 is Entirely Possible; People Are Out There Crushing It.

People Dream of Earning Passive Income via Affiliate Marketing and Making Money Online with Digital Marketing; Everyone will tell you how it’s easy or it’s difficult, and never actually made the Journey themselves. To earn Revenue as an Affiliate and have flexibility and financial stability as a Digital Nomad, requires a larger than normal degree of dedication, passion, and skill!

You can make good money from online marketing. A lot of money, very quickly sometimes, giving you Financial Flexibility.

Introduction to Making Money as an Affiliate Marketer

If you want to quit your day job and make money online; many would suggest Affiliate Marketing. If you go down that path, let’s just say it needs to be around a niche you will enjoy working every second of the day around for months on end, if not more. Working even longer hours to succeed and make money online don’t always go hand in hand; eventually some cash flow businesses, such as Affiliate Marketing will provide royalties (per say) or commissions as the business continues to operate on Auto Pilot with little to no maintenance or oversight. Generating Income online is hard, but it is like any skill you acquire: Affiliate Marketing get’s easier the more you learn and the more experience you have. If everyone could do it, they would! Just like the Stock Market, you gotta know when to Buy and Sell, and if everyone could make a ton of money without high risk, they would be, wouldn’t you? If everyone could easily become Rich in Digital Marketing or online referrals, they would… but most won’t put in the relentless effort or years if it takes to finally succeed.

Affiliate Marketing takes a lot of conditioning to succeed, just like trading the Stock Market

We are not here to discuss the stock market; however, we are to discuss the hustle and becoming a Subject Matter Expert in Affiliate Digital Marketing. Both can make you a lot of money. It will take the passion, time and effort of a stock market trader, with less financial risk but just as much dedication. The benefit to Digital Marketing via an Affiliate Niche is that it can create residual income that can be reoccurring over time potentially perpetually. To become the best Subject Matter Expert in Affiliate Niches, you’ll want an Introduction to get you up to hit the internet running. The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can make money while you sleep and don’t always have to be working to be generating money.

So, you are positive you want to begin the Journey to making Money Online through Affiliate Marketing? Alright, Let’s Begin:

Definition of Affiliate Marketing

For the majority of people, affiliate marketing is living the Digital Nomad lifestyle, traveling the world and getting rich by promoting products along with their niche (such as Lifestyle) and it just becomes like royalties.

The Concept of Affiliate Marketing is that you promote other people’s products or services (which you can receive offers for affiliate promotions through an affiliate network) and earn a commission if your audience engages, converts, etc with the promotion or referral from your content or media source.

Affiliate Marketing is almost always essentially revenue sharing; no one is getting paid, until everyone is getting paid. Once you convert a sale, most likely, you get a portion of the revenue/proceeds of that sale. If you have a product or service that really resonates with your industry/niche/audience, then you’ll assume it will convert better and be a better promotion vs alternative products. Making these yield optimizations as you scale an audience and grow your affiliate revenue streams will be crucial in generating the best ROI. You can promote these products via whatever source you may have a large audience with whether on Social, Web, Mobile, etc.

Affiliate Marketing Ecosystem

When breaking down Affiliate Marketing, you can usually look at 4 different areas, specifically two being the Product Creator/Seller and the Purchaser/Buyer. Affiliate Marketing is working with the Seller or Product Creator to connect with more Buyers through your network or available audiences.

Each party receives a portion of the revenue according to their contribution or revenue share split agreement. Affiliate marketing is the process of spreading products or services and marketing across different parties, where you can scale potential audience and potential sales while offering those different parties a portion of the performance they contribute.

Many affiliate marketers look at themselves as Promotional Marketers or Influencers which have amassed a niche or specific audience that they can influence with their sponsored promotions.

Sharing revenue is very common and should not be considered a weakness or concern, but rather an opportunity to scale business quicker and more efficiently.

Other areas of the affiliate marketing system are Merchants and Affiliates.

The Merchant is Sometimes referred to as the product creator, the seller, the brand, or the vendor. This Merchant created the product or service and can be considered the product owner/seller. Many online digital Entrepreneurs are considered Merchants.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a big business, anyone can be a merchant and create an affiliate marketing program for other entrepreneurs to become involved with and split profits. All you need is to have to have a product to sell or more importantly, access to a product to sell; luckily there are many affiliate networks to access Merchants with affiliate programs.

The Affiliate is you, or in many cases a middle man that connects an audience with the merchants product and receives a revenue split for any sales for referring the converted sale. This is usually done by tracking codes and pixels along with analytics reporting provided to the Affiliates under Affiliate Partner programs. Affiliates involved with online Affiliate Marketing can make Millions of dollars a year and more.

An affiliate promotes the affiliate product that they chose is a good fit for them to then attract new customers access to buy the merchant’s product or service and will reward you for your efforts should you be successful.

The Consumer is also known as the Customer or potential customer that would be interested in buying what the Merchant is Selling and you as an affiliate have referred them to. The Consumer must buy a product or service in the end for you as an affiliate to share a split of Revenue (in most scenarios).

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can use many different channels to grow an audience and market your Affiliate Products; such as Websites, Email Lists, Forums, Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram ( try Giveaways ) and Twitter.

In most scenarios, the consumer is not aware of the affiliate marketing ecosystem and that their are multiple parties involved. You can choose to make your audience aware or disclose your intentions to benefit financially from referring them to different affiliate products you are sponsoring or advertising, etc.

There are many capabilities in most Affiliate Marketing Systems that automate tracking for you so that the whole process can be trusted and authentically reviewed. Usually this system falls on the Merchant who is managing the sales and Cash and responsible for disseminating the Affiliate Revenue Split Profits.

The ideal scenario is that the customer would not be subjected to a higher price to the affiliate marketer by offering certain discounts or by merging the cost of the affiliate network to be included in the retail price…. but I think everyone knows the more parties involved, the smaller the pie becomes.

The Network is the last, and perhaps the biggest part of the affiliate marketing ecosystem.  An example of an Affiliate Marketing Network is Commission Junction or any Merchant/Product directory offering Affiliate Rewards or Affiliate Marketing Partner Programs.

It’s rather easy too find and go through an affiliate network for publishers to find a variety of products, services, etc to promote as an Affiliate Marketer.  Otherwise, many companies may offer an affiliate program internally in house or work with a variety of affiliate networks.

Here is a good Definition of Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income

Becoming an Affiliate Merchant to Sell Online is Easy

A Little Bit About Me

I started my journey in affiliate marketing around the time of 1999 and 2000 when Commission Junction and a few others dominated the market for demand and were looking where ever they could for affiliates to provide Supply.

I learned a bit about programming and coding and how to make a landing page in the early html and tables days. I’d select an offer from one of my Demand Sources, i’d mock up my landing pages for several authority sites I had created and i’d follow up with email blasts to my members with offers in addition to content. That was nearly 20 years ago and most still rings true and same same today.

Making Money is difficult and requires a grind and hustle that most don’t have in them day in day out. However, if you can get over the hurdles and barriers to entry, you can find reoccuring royalties and riches to provide financial freedom and flexibility.

How does affiliate marketing work? Step by Step Guide

Many affiliate ‘gurus’ will pitch 8 or so steps:

  • What Affiliate Marketing is and the truth of the Industry
  • How to get started with affiliate marketing for Beginners
  • How to avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams and Get rich quick schemes
  • A look behind the scenes of Affiliate portals and tracking of demand and supply
  • The Mistakes to avoid in the world of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing Tips and Tricks
  • How to Succeed as an Affiliate Marketer

Select a Product Niche or Industry

You need a product or service to market and sell. Choosing a product for your affiliate site will determine what the site may actually be about and the content you’ll need to focus on to promote.

In order to be able to scale your product or service, there are a few guidelines to follow for Affiliate sites.

  • The product has to be popular or increasing in trend
  • The product has to be relatively cheap to make a marginal profit
  • The product should be available or service easily provided.
  • Competition of the product or service shouldn’t too high or competitive.

Let’s break down Products in Affiliate Marketing a bit further.

Product Popularity

Use Amazon Best Sellers and AliExpress Popular Start Ratings Filters in Searches to sort products that are not only Popular but also sell in high volume.

Amazon Best Sellers – Product Discovery

You’ll get a list of the best selling products that you can break down even further by niche, category, etc but make sure to filter the results so that they are ordered by popularity. It’s safe to bet these products are highly popular to wider and broader audiences due to their popularity on popular platforms such as Amazon.

Product Cost / Low Cost / Marginal Profit

Generally, you want to make at least 20-30 percent margins when selling goods, as you need to consider other costs that may be of factor, as well. Not including the time you are spending; hopefully, in the end you will have re-occurring revenue / profits and royalties that will long pay off the time and effort put in. If less work is involved, that it may be a good idea to reduce your profit margins down lower to get a competitive advantage or low cost strength over competitors.

Product Availability

The one problem you don’t want to have is not having an item to sell when you find a customer willing to buy. This is why you want to find products that are easily available not only quickly but at a good cost too. Finding a good source for manufacturing or distribution, or both will save you lots of headaches down the road and optimize your business supply chain from the get go. Making sure your supply is maximized as you scale demand is how growth hacking can overcome many hurdles before they even arise; especially in Affiliate Marketing.

Product Competition

Product competition is rather self explanatory; you don’t want to sell an overly saturated product or service. You want to be able to scale the sales of your product or business as you grow to make more and more money, and hopefully quickly. Having low competition or no competition will give you a huge competitive advantage. You can use your investigation skills by searching different platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Ali-Express, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

Validate Your Product or Service

Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate marketer, you need to validate your product, service, or even test group. Whether or not you will be able to scale in your niche, you need to test audience groups and get feedback to validate your product or marketing channel, etc. Use Social Media to further promote and receive valuable feedback to consider when creating your product. A more mature audience such as Coupon niches can also be profitable. Take note of similar competitor feedback and apply to your own strategies.

Find or Create Your Product or Service

There are a lot of resources for you to analyze different markets, products, or services. By figuring out ahead of time, what is trending, what is selling best, and feedback from the audience of competitors, you can get a major jump from the start. You will have to research most of the resources depending on what your product or service is, but i’ll provide a few digital pointers to get started.

Online courses:

Sell/Market Your Product/Service Online

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Video – Easy Money Honey

Start Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Start your trip to become an affiliate marketer by following these easy steps to success.

One of the best ways to start Affiliate Marketing Channels is by reviewing products in a specific niche or industry you enjoy and is viable. Using blogs, websites, Social Media, or e-Mail is a popular way to grow an audience.

Since you should be able to collect emails and generate email lists, you can reach your audience at any time and even obtain viable feedback from them regarding your content, products or services.

You can also utilize webinars to connect with people in real time and generate lot of sales quickly. You can also create new content with webinars and training videos.

At some point, you may want to grow your Affiliate Marketing Business by utilizing PPC Paid Advertising or Social Advertising. This strategy is best when you are already monetizing and generating profits that you can then be reinvesting in your business to continue to scale.

Review Products in a Niche

When you figure out what industry or niche you are interested in marketing; then one good way to attract an audience is by reviewing products within that Niche. Many people search online for product reviews and feedback from others, this is how Yelp became popular at one time.

Find Product Reviews for examples on other Merchant sites

However, you must know how to write good product reviews or people will be quick to call your bluff. This is why you should find an industry that is important to you and that you are interested in constantly creating content such as Reviews around for others that also enjoy it.

You can then find products and services from Merchants either directly or through Networks and Exchanges with Affiliate Programs so that you can then monetize your audience by redirecting them to relevant offers and deals. Some of the most popular YouTube channels with the most Subscribers that Make Millions of Dollars are Videos about Toy Reviews.

Build and Curate a Potential Customer Contact Email List

There are several ways to build curated subscriber email lists whether you have the technology or databases internally or whether you use 3rd party plugins or solutions. Over 90 percent of people check their email at least once a day. Here are a few tools of many, on ways to build an email list of your niche audience:

  1. Interstitial Popup on your website – Call to action Takeover to convert a user into providing their email or info.
  2. Mail Chimp – A marketing automation platform to build, create, and manage email lists of your audience.
  3. Hello Bar – 3rd party Call to Action for your Website to Convert and Engage your Audience into subscribing (providing their email for updates).
  4. Use 3rd Party Plugins or Scripts
  5. Use a Lead Magnet

Educate Your Audience With Content

Use Webinars, Record Videos and publish them on YouTube or your website, Use Twitch or a Live Streaming platform. Do what ever you can to promote your content, and educate your audience and potential audience on the content you are creating. If it is valuable to the users, then you will naturally attract more users.

You can do any of the following to Educate your Audience:

  • Present the product’s solutions and strengths
  • Educate consumers on the use cases of the product or service
  • Engage your audience about the Product Benefits
  • Educate your audience about the history of the product or brand
  • Tell your Audience why you, as well as them would be interested in buying.
  • Obtain a deal to give to your select audience (promo/sponsorship).

Boost Your Business with Advertising

It’s no secret, that a quick way to boost marketing efforts is by using Paid Advertising thru Search (Google Adwords) or Social (such as Facebook and Instagram Advertising). Organic Traffic can take a long time to accumulate and takes a lot of effort curating content that your audience will not only like and engage with, but is then also deemed valuable by Search Engines and Ranked accordingly to increase organic traffic overtime.

Using PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Strategies can BOOST reach towards audience users you may have never gotten otherwise infront of, and you can do it with contextual, geographical or behavioral targeting. Even targeting by the very interest, niche or industry of the products you are say attempting to promote via your affiliate channels.

You use Paid advertising to:

  • Increase Sales/Revenues
  • Scale Audience Reach
  • Grow your email list
  • Get users to sign up for Webinar or Promotions
  • Get User Feedback
  • Research

Grow Your Business Organically

Once you have some historical and fresh data on paid advertising efforts, you can quantify the Cost of ad spend that is worthwhile compared to Conversions and Profits. You may just want to initially get people to sign up for the webinar or email list, and retarget them later down the sales funnel. In the following Video by SEO link builder Julian Goldie, you can learn how to choose a niche to increase your SEO ranking organically to grow your business:

Grow Your Business Organically with SEO

With this strategy, we have an advantage over competitors and an actual marketing strategy to use and optimize.

Driving Traffic via Paid Advertising can get expensive and in the long run it may work for some people to arbitrage efforts; however, for many others, Organic growth is not only more viable but will reduce overhead along the way. Growing Organically doesn’t only mean Word of Mouth, but you can use many Organic Strategies such as SEO, Influencer Link Shares and Promotions, Social Posts, Email Newsletters, and More.

Search the web and look for Affiliate Marketing Tips to incorporate into your Digital Marketing Strategy to Make Money Online in 2021 and beyond.

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips to Make Money

Affiliate marketing is presently one of the cheapest and fastest ways to make money online. It can give good returns through commissions but you need to have excellent marketing skills to earn incentives out of the affiliate marketing service. In an affiliate marketing program you are basically the publisher and earn commissions whenever a visitor buys a product through your site.

Once you join any affiliate program you are given a unique code that you can use to get traffic for your site. One should always be selective and choose products for which they can get the targeted traffic. Some of the essential tips in affiliate marketing are:

  1. Understanding the Behavior of your Audience: 
    • Every affiliate marketer should give importance to this fact. As an affiliate marketer it is very important to understand the market trends and monitor the behavior of the prospective buyers. If you are meeting the needs of the readers properly then your affiliate program will surely be a successful one. You should make sure that you are selling what your reader is looking for. For example if your reader is coming to your site to read about household appliances then you need to select affiliate ads for household products
  2. Gaining Trust of your Audience: 
    • The readers must get what they see. They tend to be very savvy and you should never break the trust of your readers. If the readers is not satisfied with the affiliate link and are redirected to some other product then they will never come back to visit your site. You should always focus on getting returning visitors that provide you back links and spread positive words about your websites. If you are not being honest to your visitors and try to take advantage by placing too many ads then this would leave negative impact on your site. 
  3. Be Selective of you Affiliate and Partner with: 
    • Registering with too many affiliates and trying to promote almost everything is the biggest mistake that an affiliate marketer does. Focusing on too many affiliate programs will confuse your targeted visitors and affect your marketing program. To become successful with your program it is important to focus on handful of products and align them correctly depending on the niche of your site. 
  4. Research the Affiliate Market Demands: 
    • If you are promoting a product that has low demand then it would be very hard for you to get better sales. You should spend some time making a good Affiliate Research about the market and it will help you in getting a good idea about the products that are in demand. One of the best ways to understand the demands of the consumers is to create a survey and get inputs from your visitors. 
  5. Patience is Always the Key to Opportunity: 
    • One should always give it some time and wait for the traffic to grow. If you give it proper time and focus on buyer behavior at the start then it could give you nice returns in the long term. There are programs that give lifetime payouts and help in getting passive income through simple marketing techniques. In the lifetime payout plans you may not get returning visitors but once you refer a buyer then you would continue to make money from every purchase that he makes. You can also make money out of referral links that you might be having in some of the old posts still live in your site.

Affiliate Marketing FAQ

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting a merchants products or services too obtain a share of the revenue/profits. You middle man the sales channel, and get paid if you get users to convert or buy.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network provides you with demand partners (merchants) that have products, services or offers to promote and will pay you depending on terms and conditions such as audience engagement and conversions such as sales.

How Can I Make Money Online?

Read The Tips above in this Blog Post and apply tips to your own strategies as you build an audience and attempt to monetize it with Affiliate Marketing.

How Much Money Can I Make Online?

A Good affiliate can make anywhere from $1,000 a year to $1,00,000. A very very affiliate can make upwards of $5,000,000 a year, if you can believe it! There is a LOT of money to make with Affiliate Marketing, it just depends on how BIG your audience is and how many Sales you can Generate!

Are Affiliate Networks Scams?

Their could be some, so be careful to do due diligence before promoting random merchant products or services. Use your common sense and find trustworthy merchants and products to promote. I don’t believe Affiliate Networks in general are scams as there are a lot of trustworthy affiliate networks out there to monetize with and earn lots of revenue almost instantly. Getting approved is fast and free in almost all cases.


In conclusion, there is no better time to get started with affiliate marketing, than now. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of learning, and a lot of trial and error; however, when hard work pays off, you will see the benefits long term and the work involved tend to slow down and turn to autopilot.

To get started as an affiliate marketer; you need to.

  1. Discover and Decide what your product, service or niche is.
  2. Validate that product by getting user feedback and market research
  3. Finding affiliates, affiliate networks, merchants and channels to obtain demand to promote.

Then you need an audience to build to promote your affiliate products/services by:

  1. Review products and services in your niche
  2. Build an email list or subscriber database
  3. Use Webinars or Channels to Educate Your Audience
  4. Use Organic Strategies and Paid Strategies to Grow Your Audience

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