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Social Media Advertising Etiquette and Tips

December 29, 2019, Written by 0 comment

7 Best Ways to Advertise on Social Networks

In last few years social networks became very popular. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are only some of the platforms that you can use to communicate with clients. Here are some suggestions how social networks can bring some real, material benefits to small businesses.

1. Strengthening the brand

Social networks are another form of communication between you and your clients. Today’s clients and customers like transparency, and they want to know that behind a certain brand is the right person. If you regularly publish informative and suitable information, you can secure your brand and preserve your expert status in the market.

2. Communication

Your Facebook page can serve as a starting point that will direct your customers to your website. You can publish posts containing information about your brand, through which visitors will see you as a smart company worthy of attention. This brings us back to the idea that customers like to see that your company is formed by people.

3. Use – Search Engine Marketing

When you write on social networks using your keywords you can contribute to a higher ranking of your website on search engines. Higher positions on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing bring more visitors and finally more customers for your product or service. Make sure to use your keywords and your business will prosper.

4. Market research

As an entrepreneur, it is up to you to introduce the company into the future. Instead of developing your product to the limit, make the most of social networks to test or provoke its success. This can be called a free market research.

5. Control your brand’s reputation

Your customers can create or ruin your reputation using social networks. One bad experience can rapidly spread out on the Web and turn into a revolution against your brand. Through social networks you can monitor how costumers see you and make sure that they are satisfied. Mistakes can be easily controlled through social media.

6. Establish Partnership

Social networks have the potential to introduce you to millions of people. Apart from the individuals, there are also other companies that may have an interest in your product or service. Social networks easily present you to those clients that you may not have previously considered.

7. Cheap way of advertising

There are many ways to advertise your business. Twitter and Facebook are cheap and can become the primary method of marketing for those who can successfully run them. Instead of paying big amounts of money for direct marketing, spend only part of the budget on social media that will provide better coverage.

These are only some of the potential benefits of social media marketing, which can bring you new jobs, provide greater visibility and strengthen your brand.

How to Make Your Social Media Advertising Effective

For any business to have a successful advertising campaign, they must test and re-test their advertising results. However, a new business owner has a limited budget for their advertising and testing advertising results can be expensive. Therefore, it is important to create an advertising campaign based around results that work. It is a known fact that:

  • Targeted advertising will always outperform un-targeted advertising.
  • Advertising that speaks directly to a person will always have better results than advertising that addresses the masses.

Focus on Them and Not You

Many companies focus on themselves and not on their customers when writing their emails or newsletters. Unfortunately, consumers don’t want to read about your company. They need to know how your products will benefit them. It is important to focus on the consumers needs and convince them your product is right for them. 

Emphasize Benefits and Not Features 

Consumers don’t care about your features; they care about how a product or service will make their life better. Emphasizing the benefits of a product, sells the product. Concentrate on the benefits of your products and how it can help your consumers. 


Consumer’s emotions play an important role in the buying cycle. Surveys show that most consumers purchase a product based on their emotions. Afterwards, they justify this purchase based on their logic. Understanding consumers’ emotions is important in advertising. Base your advertising around consumer emotion and logic. 


Any advertising campaign needs to make a person believe in your products. Never leave any doubt in a person’s mind about your product. Also remember that a consumer trusts a product that others consumers recommend. Add testimonials from satisfied customers to your advertising. Furthermore, emphasize your return policy and show you stand behind what you sell. 


The headline is the most important element of an advertising campaign. You have less than 10 seconds to capture the reader’s interest. Spend the time to write a headline that will grab and keep your readers’ attention. 

In Conclusion

Advertising is the most important part of growing any business. Creating effective advertising campaigns can be difficult. If you create your advertising based on what works for other companies, you will have a successful campaign. Remember to focus on your customer benefits and not your product features. Create a headline that entices the reader to open your email or newsletter.

4 Key Ways To Get The Best from Your Social Advertising

It is very hard to reach your goals in business if you are not using the most effective advertising tools to achieve your business’ maximum potential for success. Below are the four most effective marketing moves, which should be the essence of your advertising to create a highly successful business.


Have you noticed how some people always seem to get the best deals? You pay full price for something and think it is reasonable, but then you talk to a friend or associate who has the same thing, and find somehow they paid a lot less for it. How did they manage that? Usually it is because they are not afraid to ask for a discount or extras.  Don’t sell yourself short and don’t be afraid to ask; next time you see your advertising rep, ask for a discount. Even if you are already getting a discount, ask for a bigger one.  Just about everything in life is open to negotiation, and if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Trim Down

There is a common view in business that bigger is always better, but this is not necessarily the case at all.  When it comes to advertising, you may be surprised to find that some of your short ads have more success than a lot of the bigger and more expensive ones.  It often happens that short, easy-to-read ads with few words but punchy slogans and eye-catching graphics have the most impact on the prospective customer. If you save some money by trimming down on the size and cost of certain ads, it does not in any way mean that you will be trimming down on the sales generated.

Make The Most of the Freebies

Do you know the real difference between advertising and publicity? The difference is in who is doing the talking. In advertising, you sell yourself. When someone else sells you, it is publicity and it generates the kind of interest and credibility that you definitely should not miss out on.

Think about the different ways you can showcase your enterprise.  If you have some news, write a press release.  A great way to promote your business for free is by writing factual, helpful articles with a brief byline and link to your website at the end, and post them in magazines, ezines, newspapers and other publications. You could also promote the business of a non-competitor in return for their promoting yours. Consider the completely different market they move in, which may well help bring you a different sales demographic.

You will find that there are a lot of different ways to get free advertising which will benefit your business.  Naturally, you can’t depend solely on the freebies, but it certainly helps to get a little extra for nothing.

Improve Your Offer

Is the deal you are offering too good to miss? If not, you need to consider improving it. That does not mean cutting prices even more than you already have; after all, you still have to make a profit.  You can however sweeten the deal by giving the prospect more information on the value of the product, or adding certain bonuses which will be perceived as valuable, but which will not cost you much to include.  

A very effective way to motivate prospective buyers is with expiration dates for offers.  The fact is, an open-ended offer just encourages customer procrastination, which leads precisely nowhere.  If the customer knows that they only have until Saturday to buy something at a discount and that they will pay more on the Sunday, they will make it a priority to visit your store.

Advertising does not have to be a big drain on your bank balance to be powerful. When you learn how to negotiate for a good deal, know just when smaller ads can be as effective as larger ones, offer discounts and discover how to create an irresistible offer, you are well on your way to the skyrocketing profits you dream of!

6 Advertising Tips for Closing the CTR Gap between Visits and Clicks

If you are running a Marketing Campaign, it is certain that you will at some point come across discrepancies between clicks received via the Ads and visits that a reported for the same Ads. There are several factors that result in these discrepancies and this article will help you understand and overcome some of these discrepancies.

Tip 1: Identify the Scope

Identifying the scope of the problem is the first step in tackling discrepancies between number of clicks and number of visits. You need to know if it is just a local problem with your campaigns or not, how long this issue has been going on and what were your standard discrepancies from previous campaigns. By answering all these questions, you and your campaign team will be able to concentrate on relevant factors that will help eliminate these discrepancies.

Tip 2: Ensure that Campaign Ads and Landing Pages are set Correctly

There are no technical skills needed to identify whether there is a technical problem causing the discrepancies or not. You only have to click on your ads and carefully look at the Landing Pages URL, and ensure they are correctly linked to your analytics tools. Incorrect linking will definitely lead to discrepancies between visits and clicks.

Tip 3: Install Tag Assistant by the Google Chrome

After you have a clear view of the scope of discrepancies and your URL, it’s time to ensure that your analytics are correctly implemented on the landing pages. Incorrect implementation of landing pages is the common reason for discrepancies. Use Tag assistant by Chrome to check the correctness of the implementation.

Tip 4: Understand Analytics and The Publisher Data

This will help you know whether you are really experiencing discrepancies or analyzing data incorrectly. For instance, if you Ad accounts are linked to multiple analytics properties, the number of clicks imported from linked Ads accounts will include all clicks, which is never the case.

Tip 5: Accept that Data Discrepancies are a Common Problem in Marketing Campaign

There are some data discrepancies that you can never get rid of even if you try. You may only know their cause but eradicating them is very hard. When it comes to this point, accepting the discrepancies is the easy way out.

Tip 6: Find a suitable Metric that you will work with

Page visit is not the best metric to work with if you want to tackle discrepancies in your marketing campaign. In fact, none of the metric in Google Analytics works perfectly; you have to develop your own metric that will work perfectly for you marketing campaign. Find a suitable way to calculate number of time visitors visited your website directly from the Ads.

Remember, not all discrepancies can be handled; you only need to learn how to eliminate those that you can completely eliminate and try to live with those that you can’t change.

Social Media Advertising Etiquette and Tips
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Social Media Advertising Etiquette and Tips
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are only some of the platforms that you can use to communicate with clients. Here are some suggestions how social networks can bring some real, material benefits to small businesses.
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